Online Safety


Following our Online Safety training , we have put some resources and information on our school website for your information.

One of the documents that we are launching is our Acceptable Use Policy. All schools are required to have one and it has been created to ensure that there are clear aims, advice and guidance on how to minimise risks.

All children and staff will be required to sign and agree to the rules. Please familiarise yourself with them as discuss them with your children. Your child‛s teacher will also explain these rules to the class and part of their Online safety teaching programme will be based on these. If there is anything in the rules that you are unhappy about or would like to discuss then please contact the school. We have also enclosed a list of recommended websites for your use at home.

These are websites that we regularly use in school to aid our teaching and some others that we recommend for games and news. The Internet is a valuable resource for teaching and learning but there are also risks involved with using it. We need to help children to become aware of these risks and teach them how to behave in a virtual world.

We hope that you find this information useful and will support us in ensuring that our children make the most of the valuable resources that the Internet provides in the safest way possible.